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Top 2 Best Free Website Builders 2017

In this review I will be looking at which service offers the best free website builder for 2017.

These days making a free website should be fast, easy and without too many restrictions, just like with social media accounts. But many webhosting providers have completely missed the mark. I’ve been testing out dozens of free website builders to cut through the garbage and find the best ones for you.

# Name Bandwidth Storage Ads Content Management System Rating
1 Zoho Unlimited Unlimited None Free website builder 9.5/10
2 Hostinger 100GB/month 2GB None Free website builder, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and much more 9.5/10



#1 Zoho

Zoho Best Free Website Builder

If I were to recommend a free website builder to a random person, without knowing their technical skills in terms of building websites, I’d recommend Zoho.

What makes Zoho really awesome is the fact that it’s so easy and fast to setup. The interface is very easy to use as well. So if you’re a beginner and want to make a website for your business or hobby, Zoho is something to consider. It’s a service that almost everyone can use. It’s also absolutely 100% free forever with no ads, no page limits, no bandwidth limits, no bullshit. You can even use a custom domain name if you have one, not just a free subdomain.

The way Zoho does make money, is that while the basic stuff is free, their more advanced features and apps require paid subscriptions. Like for example adding a webstore, integrating Paypal payments, creating member portals, newsletter campaigns and stuff like that.

Zoho Homepage | Create a Website With Zoho

*UPDATE* In April 2017 a few days after I posted this review, Zoho removed some features of their free service. You can no longer connect a custom domain and free websites now have ads. It’s still a good free service, but Hostinger is now #1.


#2 Hostinger


Hostinger is a webhosting service based in India.

Using their service is a bit more complicated than Zoho, but it is still quite easy to set everything up. Basically they have a free website builder, but what’s really awesome is that they allow you access to their hosting control panel. This allows you to use their Autoinstaller to install other content management systems. For example WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB forums, osCommerce and various different wikis, eCommerce and website platforms.

This is what you’d typically get from a paid service like Hostgator or Bluehost. But Hostinger does have some limitations. However they are very reasonable. You have 2GB for file storage, 100GB per month bandwidth cap and a 2 MySQL database limit. Additionally the free service has limited backups, no SSL certificates and a total 3 website limit. They do also allow you to host domain names for your websites, and even to park 2 domain names that you might not currently be using.

How do they make money? Well they have premium and business subscriptions which have no bandwidth or storage limits, and plenty of other features. They also offer paid virtual private servers.

Hostinger is a great webhost and I’m actually happy to see good free online services from countries other than the US.

Hostinger Homepage | Signup for a Hostinger Account

  • AERGXUOS Saulivaldis

    Hi I am so happy I have found you, you’re work and advice is awesomeand useful.
    I have a question:

    I want to create a website using best free website builder.
    I want to use my android smartphone mainly to do this.
    I want to have a free domain, I found out I can use freenom domain with cf, ga, gq, ml, tk extentions.( doesn’t have to be necessary freenom service)

    I plan to initially have small site and start adding content and attracting people, keep it growing. And within year or so, once it’s grown enough, upgrade to full fledged website.

    So what best website builder would you suggest?
    Is it possible to normally manage website using my phone only, till it reaches critical size (visitors/users) and it’s necessary to transit to pc to manage.
    And what concerns me a bit is if I pick freenoms free domain with extension per say .ga and attach it to website, what happens after year once domain is no longer free, how do I renew it and is it possible to migrate with my site and domain to other hosting, domain and website services or am I locked within one I started with.

    Also I am curious what website builder / service are you using youself.

    Really tnx for researching and adding quality advice, content on this matter, had hard time looking to find such gem. Props.

    Tnx for answer in advance.