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Top 5 Best Free VPN Services 2018-2019

It’s time once again to take a look at the Best Free VPN Services. These VPNs will allow you to unblock websites and firewalls, as well as hide your activities online. All of them have decent encryption and passed basic security testing. They are all 100% free, no trials.

You can use most of these VPNs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

# Name Bandwidth Speed P2P Locations Devices Platforms
1 Windscribe 10GB/month+ Great Yes 11 Unlimited Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Browser
2 ZPN 10GB/month Average No 5 1 Windows, iOS, Android
3 ProXPN Unlimited Good No 1 1 Windows, Mac
4 ProtonVPN Unlimited Poor No 3 1 Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
5 Hotspot Shield 500MB/day Good No 1 Unlimited Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


#1 Windscribe

Windscribe Best Free VPN

The winner and by far the Best Free VPN Service is Windscribe.

Their bandwidth limit if you sign up with an email address is 10GB per month, which can be increased to 15GB if you promote them on Twitter.

Connection speeds are great on most servers and they actually support P2P. You can get Windscribe custom VPN clients, which are easy to use, on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and you can be connected on multiple devices at the same time. There’s also free Windscribe proxy browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

Overall, Windscribe is just the best free VPN service out there.

Windscribe Homepage | Sign up for Windscribe VPN


#2 ZPN


In second place we have ZPN.

ZPN has a 10GB per month bandwidth limit for free accounts, but their connection speeds are much better than Proton VPN and closer to those of Hotspot Shield.

They also have 5 free VPN locations, which is 2 more than Proton and 4 more than Hotspot or ProXPN.

On the downside, ZPN doesn’t have as good platform support as some of the other services. It’s custom VPN clients can only be used on Windows, iOS and Android. However, you can manually setup L2TP and OpenVPN connections on almost any device. They have setup guides for that on their website.

ZPN Homepage | Sign up for ZPN


#3 ProXPN


Coming in at third place is ProXPN.

Like Hotspot Shield, ProXPN has only one free location, which is also in the United States. However unlike Hotspot, it does have unlimited data transfer, and much better connection speeds than Proton VPN.

While ProXPN does have iOS and Android VPN clients, free users can only use it on Windows and Mac computers, and only on one device at a time.

ProXPN Homepage | Sign up for ProXPN


#4 ProtonVPN


Number 4 on the list is ProtonVPN. Which is made by the same Swiss company that created the encrypted email service ProtonMail.

The advantage ProtonVPN has over Hotspot Shield in terms of their free service, is that they don’t have any bandwidth limits and there’s 3 free server locations.

However, their connection speeds are terrible and you can only use it on one device at a time. Additionally there’s no P2P support. But you can use Proton on many different platforms and even on third party VPN clients by using your OpenVPN username and password found in the dashboard.

ProtonVPN Homepage | Sign up for ProtonVPN


#5 Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

At number 5 for the Best Free VPN services we have Hotspot Shield.

Their free service has a data limit of 500MB per day, so you won’t be streaming a whole lot of videos. Also there’s only one free location for Hotspot Shield, which is in the United States. That said, their connection speeds were actually quite good.

You can use Hotspot on Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. And you can use it on many devices at the same time.

Hotspot Shield Homepage | Download Hotspot Shield


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Top 5 Best Free VPN Services 2017-2018

In this article and video above we’re going to be once again looking at some VPN services that offer free accounts, and not just free trials. Most of them have some form of restrictions but they allow you limited use of VPN services for free.

VPN services are useful if you want to boost your privacy and data security online, but they can also be used to go around censorship and geo-restrictions like those imposed by services like Netflix or Hulu.

# Name Bandwidth Speed Security Privacy Platforms Rating
1 CyberGhost Unlimited Excellent OpenVPN Good Windows, Mac, Android 8.5/10
2 Windscribe 10GB/month Excellent OpenVPN Good Windows, Mac, iOS 8.4/10
3 VPNBook Unlimited Average OpenVPN & PPTP Poor Third Party VPN Clients 7.2/10
4 ProXPN Unlimited Average OpenVPN Poor Windows, Mac 7/10
5 VPN Gate Unlimited Average OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, SoftEther Average Windows + Third Party VPN Clients 7/10


#1 CyberGhost

CyberGhost Best Free VPN

CyberGhost is a VPN service based in Romania that offers a free account option that does not require you to even sign up for anything. Just download the software, install it and use it. It has clients for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

The free version allows you to unblock basic websites and surf the web anonymously. You can choose servers from a number of different countries. You can also protect your wifi connection, if you are using a public wifi hotspot.

However, if you want more advanced features like being able to downloading torrents, unblock streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu, or choosing which specific server to connect to, then you have to sign up for a paid account.

I tested the connection speeds of a few servers on CyberGhost and they were really good as usual. Web browsing also worked flawlessly. I also tested for DNS leaks, and there were none to be found.

According to CyberGhost the restrictions of the free service are as follows: sometimes there are varying waiting times for free servers, CyberGhost promotions will pop-up every 2 hours of using the service and finally after 3 hours free users will be automatically disconnected.

CyberGhost is not the most convenient free VPN service, but the fact that you don’t even need to sign up for an account, as well as the unlimited bandwidth and great connection speeds puts it pretty high among the best free VPN services.

CyberGhost Homepage | Download CyberGhost


#2 Windscribe


Windscribe is a VPN service based in Canada that offers a free account with 10GB of monthly bandwidth. Full disclosure, Windscribe has been a sponsor of this channel, but this video is not sponsored by them. To sign up for an account you do not need to supply an email address only a username. Although then you will only get 2GB of free bandwidth, but with an email you get the full 10GB.

Once you’re signed up, you have to download their custom VPN client and login on it to use the service. Windscribe has clients for Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

Even free accounts can use all of their VPN servers until your bandwidth limit is reached. From what I am able to tell, Windscribe servers only use the OpenVPN protocol.

Generally Windscribe servers have excellent connection speeds and their client seems to be solid as well with no DNS leaks. Personally I think Windscribe is a bit more convenient to use than CyberGhost as it does not have any ads or waiting periods to access VPN servers, and you won’t get disconnected after a certain period either.

10GB per month is also quite good for limited and casual VPN usage, but not enough for streaming or downloading lots of media. Then you need to sign up for a paid account.

Overall Windscribe is quite a good free VPN service.

Windscribe Homepage | Sign up for Windscribe


#3 VPNBook


VPNBook is another free VPN service based in Canada. There is no sign up required to use their VPN servers. However they do not have a custom VPN client, you have to use third party clients or those integrated into your operating system. For example the Windows PPTP client, the OpenVPN default client or a free third party OpenVPN client like Pritunl, which is my preferred option.

You can find a list of VPNBook servers on their website Here is also where the passwords for their free servers are updated. Yes the passwords actually change regularly, possibly even daily.

I tested the connection speed on their servers but kept getting weird errors. However eventually I did get some results eventually and the speeds were pretty good for a free service, and web browsing was also acceptably fast. There does not seem to be any data limits for the free service.

But the OpenVPN client did leak DNS information, so you should change the default name servers on your computer to those of Google, OpenDNS or other free DNS services.

VPNBook is not a terrible free VPN service, although I do not trust them in terms of absolute privacy and security. However it is still good for circumventing censorship and geo-restrictions.

VPNBook Homepage | VPNBook Free Servers


#4 ProXPN


Next up we have ProXPN which is based in the Netherlands. It does have a free account option with unlimited bandwidth, however you do need to sign up for the account and provide an email and phone number. You must also verify your email address by clicking on a link that’s sent to it after you sign up. For the phone number you can use one of those free SMS websites that are capable of receiving text messages if you are not comfortable providing your own number.

Once you have an account, you need to download the ProXPN VPN client and login with your username and password. ProXPN has clients for Windows and Mac, but not mobile devices.

When you’ve installed the client, you can use their one free server which is based in Chicago, in the United States. ProXPN uses the OpenVPN protocol, which is quite secure.

On the website it says that they throttle the connection speed of free users, but I’m not sure if that happens immediately or after a certain period because I was able to get some pretty decent connection speeds with ProXPN using a free account.

I did also run a DNS leak test, and found no leaks from the VPN client.

ProXPN Homepage | Sign up for ProXPN


#5 VPN Gate

VPN Gate

VPN Gate is a free VPN project run by the University of Tsukuba in Japan. Therefore a lot of their VPN relay servers are located in Asia, but there are also some in Europe and North America.

To use these servers, you can either download the SoftEther VPN client, or use third party VPN clients or integrated L2TP support. There are a number of different servers using different VPN protocols including SoftEther, OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP. You can find a list of servers on their website

The most convenient way to use VPN Gate is definitely the SoftEther client, especially if you are a beginner. Servers do not seem to have any data limits.

VPN Gate servers have really variable speeds, which also often depend on your location. Some servers are also inaccessible if you are in a certain country or region. But I was able to get some decent speeds on some servers in Europe, but on others it was like using an old modem from the 90s.

The SoftEther client does also not protect you against DNS leaks. So make sure to change your default nameservers on your operating system to Google or OpenDNS servers.

That being said, VPN Gate can be useful, especially if you are located in Asia.

VPN Gate Homepage | Download VPN Gate